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released March 5, 2014

Vova Kotichev- Instrumental
Denis Shalnykh- Vocals

Mastered by Alex Pereverzev CHAOTIC PRODUCTIONS

Album art by Vitaly Nner



all rights reserved


SHIVERS Moscow, Russia

Russian heavy filth

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Track Name: Shivers
Something screeching at the back of my mind
Something wretched and vile inside
Track Name: Spawns of Whores(ft. Devin Sockwell of Feign)
There is no doubt
We re not allowed
To breathe
the toxic waste
Coming out and
Filling our damned throats
In these burned out fields
Mourning for wasted time

Passing by like a wretched slave
Being lashed with the thing called fate
You all just fucking decay
This plastic world is melting

That filthy slutty mouth of yours
Delivering the mighty words of wisdom
You are the spawns of whores
praying for me to cut your miserable flesh
i wont ignore this desire of yours

Scumbag fucking cult of puny souls
Among those my own limping
Rotten corpse

I am the shepherd of despair and grief
The slender arms of pestilence
Are reaching you
The simplest thing you ever confronted
Cannibalistic fucking primitive thief of faith
Look in the mirror and spit in my face
Abomination of unholy disgrace
Ravens feasting on disgust and wealth

My tongue is preaching blasphemy
Suck on it
Track Name: Asphyxia
This suffering one cant explain
Waiting for the world
To run out of days
Waiting for the sands to consume
The peaks to which you all cling
It is a fucking pile of shit

You all surf through
Entrails of selfishness and immortal despair
Flushing through your veins
As you believe
Is royal blood
Makes me wanna tear the crown
Out with your head

This world is a waste pile
A Fucking disgrace
Is the mankind
I will commit suicide filled With hopes
That each of you fucking
Tries this at home
For your own pride Means nothing

Violence and hatred
Is what leads your filthy way of life
When it burns out You are left alone
With this darkness
To be eaten alive
In a field of caskets Filled with bodies of those that you once loved

Severed heads pile up
As i tighten the rope
My fucking body grows colder
With every moment

Death is the only
Fucking reason
You live for in this cursed place
I confess im taking the easiest path
One step away from the solid ground
Wont get you fooled
Track Name: Boundless Dusk (ft. Jordan LeGore of xKINGx)
Just the dusk
Boundless dusk
the only stance of this world
the only light in this darkness
a man with a torch
and I witness terror
in his blank eyes
Wires in my head all messed up
and screwed
Understanding of being alive
just fades
whirring noises in my head
wind is howling in the godforsaken castle halls
rusted swords and armour covered in dust
hellish lust burns with fevor
My sacred past
The desperation now is stalking me
Like I stalk you at the parking lot
To strangle like a foul pig
Nothing is a more sincere
depiciton of my passion
then a knife raping your fucking face
in a bloody mess
I will cut open every single piece of you
The skies will lend your tears
at my gory throne of lust
The story tells of a man with a sword
and he indeed did cut the fell wyrms head of
but he was poisoned
soaked in its filthy black blood
Now tormenting his heart
It burns like razors
Stucked in your skin
The demonic ugly mass has sucked me in
He is watching over me
He is wathcing over me
He is watching over me
Track Name: Silhouette
You are the scum of the earth
As i got tired of this shit
You submerged all what i put into
Keeping this fucking place balanced
Your world will bathe in blood
You are addicted to fucking the soil
That keeps you alive

Wasted potential of your fucking kind
Is nothing compared to my hatred
All this place will be an enormous wasteland
Fucking scum
You challenge ancient god
The savior is a lie
Whatever you pray for
Does not matter
All will die

An earthquake strikes
The monuments you worship
Turned to dust
Not sound of trumpets
But of my disgust
The silhouette of horror rises
Down will go your fucking cities
Worthless fucks
Hopes and sorrows
Future fuses with the past
Time is finally collapsed
You will
Suffocate with the ashes of your children in your lungs